Google June 2021 Core Update - Everything You need to Know About

30 August 2021 | Afzal Siddiqui | Digital Marketing Analyst
Google June 2021 Core Update - Everything You need to Know About

Google June 2021 Broad Core Update


If you're taking SEO seriously as a SEO professional, a Blog/Website Owner then you might have an overall idea that how Google moves its search engine behaviours through its Algorithms update. Be its via Google blogs, changes in their search console & analytics or interaction of Google team on twitter, you will come to know that Google regularly recommends user to avoid shady practices like backlink purchase etc. which may affect the negative aspects on your online businesses, website or blog.




And if you follow the guidelines then it may rare chances of not affecting your website or blog.


Google now more focussing to avoid the cringe content or spammy web pages by use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to latest web spam report, Google detects 40Billion spam pages per day. The main objective of Google behind changing and releasing these update is to improve the user's search queries and make it better than ever before.  


What is Broad Core Update?

Firstly we need to understand that the core and broad core updates are two different things not same or equivalent. Core Update occur every day i.e. Google do small or big changes in its algorithm on daily basis. This core update might be about the specific area or affects a specific industry or website categories.

Broad Core Update, is release 2- 3 times every year, and do broad changes in search results that we as a user sees. Broad core update doesn't punish any website, rather it improve the rank of websites having good content with the purpose of showing the better search results to users.


What does roll out mean?


Google, does not update the changes on all servers for all users at once but infact it implements or live the changes in parts on different days.

Google also monitor these changes and if some updates are not implementing a right way then those changes tweak immediately. This slow process of reflect all the updates called roll out.

So, whenever you get the news of any Google new update, no need to panic and rush to your analysis of SEO strategy. One should wait for at least 2 weeks for observing the SEO performance of websites and to make necessary changes to fix the issues.



About June 2021 Update:


This is not the complete update, there will be one more broad core update in July. The effects of algorithm changes will takes place by the end of August 2021. June update has been settled down and major changes came out from this.


How Does the June 2021 Core Update Affect You?

Over SEO Optimized content with focus on broad audience group has been demoted. SEO's mostly plan the content strategy of any website with keeping the intent of focus on major target audience. Headlines, Bullet points, query solutions, way to purchase or call to action, these elements are considered while optimizing the content.


What should be done of your website if get a hit by June Broad Core Update 2021?


1. Have useful and unique content on the "Above the fold part" that directly approaches the target audience.

2. Create content for specific audience rather going for target the general audience. In short, focus on creating & optimizing the specific content for specific audience.

3. Use unique and custom graphic/Info graphic on the page. Create a custom info graphic for your blog rather linking the other’s info graphic by giving them a backlink.


4. Guide and educate users. Lure them to go deep in your website. Don’t just give the info to users but also guide them with a complete process. Use more interlinking that leads user to your inner pages of website or blogs. Increase the user time on your website.



Google rolls out broad core updates regularly along with bad or spammy content. The main effects of these updates has been a significant hit in webpages rankings on Google search engines. it is important to analyse your website's content and take necessary improvement as we have given in this articles in order to avoid the penalty to your website by Google.