Our Team & Culture

The people element is a foundational aspect of our business. We believe, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. That is why SelfTech assets is a team of integrated, like-minded people.

We have always encouraged a performance-driven, people-centred culture over the years. We ensures to inspire and enable individuals and teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive workplace.

We provide a non-discrimination hiring criteria and workplace where people feel comfortable, to reward talent through compensation and benefits.

Team at SelfTech
The Beging of SelfTech

The Begining

We began as a group of self-motivated professionals and eventually become a great team of seasoned managers, developer, designers, marketers and consultants. And now moving in a more collaborative direction and serve as the building blocks for a culture of teamwork.
The Future of SelfTech

The Future

We allow new hires to be easily adapt a team and workplace through an effective induction process. Also pave the way for them to develop their knowledge and skills, and remain as a motivated and able member of the team.

Our Employees represent the future of our company so it is vital for SelfTech to consistently work for everything possible to contribute to our people well-being and fulfilment.