communication solutions


Build a huge communication experience with SelfTech Solutions.

SelfTech Communication Services provides a platform with a huge communication Application Programming Interface (APIs), video APIs, and SMS APIs. Which is used for expanding your applications across any device, on any platform, by using the same reliable and secure infrastructure that empowers the SelfTech team.

Reaching out to customers anywhere with a fully planned platform

We aim to deliver video, voice, chat, text messaging, and telephony experiences anywhere to the purchasers. This is possible around your applications, websites, and mobile platforms.

Build on a secured and flexible cloud

Reach more customers without compromising security by using a secured and more flexible cloud.

Engaging customers with Application Programming Interface (APIs) enabled communications

People connected across the web and mobile apps. Adding communications workflows to applications with flexible Software Development Kit (SDKs) and Application Programming Interface (APKs) for common platforms. Using different languages including Android, iOS, web, JavaScript, and .NET to get it done.

Build up your business with a recognized and proven platform

To deliver reliable enterprise-type calling and messaging capabilities with just a couple of lines of code.