How We Work

We create value in every aspect

When working with us, a result with a quality match is the most important, and robust source of progress. The very first thing we use to work on is we initiate by listening to issues, challenges, requirements, and objectives. This process continues with an effort to get an understanding of your business, market sector, and competitors to develop the information which is combined with our technical knowledge, expertise, and research to provide the best solution. We believe to work with three major factors - Honesty, Trust, and Passion.

how we work at selftech

We are different!

We not only work with the range of technologies (like Python, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB, Unity 3D, Firebase, Azure ,AWS & Power BI etc.) but also possess the ability to quickly learn and move to latest ones. Our every service is customized with designs and is crafted thoughtfully. Our projects highlight visual quality, ease of navigation, and market impact. We are efficient in going with our committed and dedicated team members and managers in crafting a successful project.

The Ideal Processes We Follow

Communication: For Defining a Common Goal

Our different teams like development, designing, and marketing-sales, are there to focus on the particular objective & requirement. We will examine all the existing ideas, strategies, and details. We will challenge along the way, provide our inputs as well, and help you to fully describe yourself. We will then introduce ourselves to you so you can grasp a lot you want about us including all the services we provide.

Plan: Roadmap for Delivering Best Outcomes

We initiate our planning procedure by collecting requirements to build a comprehensive description of the project in the form of a project scope statement. Our work breakdown structure provides planning and coordination, which are the two most important functions of project management. We assign resources and activities to our team members according to their skills and interests.

Ideas: Exploring & Dreaming

We always work on ideas, by understanding your business objectives, your vision and your expectations. We believe that every small idea towards a company or project helps to achieve a big target. And for that we mutually work with you to identify the details that determine the features, functions, content categories, technical specification and time-complexity to accomplish.

Design: Let's make it Beautiful, Real & Unique

Now, at this stage where we bring your business and projects to visual life. As we are into various domains, we mostly work for the customised systems for every needs. Our development team knows how to builds a visually unique identity for your brand, and ensures the user friendly experience. Based on the suggestions from teams we come to the final stage of developing the application, put your data and prepare to go live.

Launch: Bringing Ideas to Life

After the completion of all major processes, we go through a Quality Control Check and ensures that the product meets the original specifications. Once the quality check is done we deploy the system to the production environment so users can start using the product. And this marks the final stage of our development process. We provide free technical support for a period of time and are always be there to make additions and improvements, as needed.

Growth: Marketing & ROI

As technology has taken all over and growing and increasing day by day, it is vital to keep your business recognize as well as generate revenue in current digital horizon. We always be here to assure make your business easy and help you to grow with our range of online marketing services. So that you can get the maximum ROI and make your business a renowned Brand as well.